Saturday, January 8, 2011

5. For the prosperous life of your children II.

5.   For the prosperous life of your children II.

Dear Parents

11. Do not take them out for functions in relatives' houses, or send them out on trifle works. They will be wasting their golden time. It will take some time to settle back to study.

12. Sometimes due to surroundings they will be a sort of drained out. Please talk to them and encourage them.

13. Do not force your ideas on learning into them. Let them decide the method convenient to them.

14. Do not show your anger if they get less marks than what you expected in their monthly or model exams.

15. Do not compare them with the students who got higher marks. Keep in mind that this may create a inferiority complex in them.

16. Group studying with friends may increase their ability to study well.

17. Whatever important works you have to do, keep some time allotted for them. Letting them know that you care and love them is more important.

18. We teachers are there to guide your offsprings to achieve their goals. You, as good parents, are there to co-operate whole-heartedly. Let us work together for the prosperity of student community.

Learn through others stay young!