Friday, January 20, 2012

11. For students – habits to follow

For students – habits to follow

 கொடுக்கக் கொடுக்கக் குறையாத செல்வம் கல்வி ஒன்றே
 Knowledge is wealth. But disseminating  does not reduce it
1. You decide on what you want to be. Don’t let others decide for you. Because you’ll lose the thrive if you are doing something for someone else’s sake. Choose your course of study when you are in 9th itself.
           2. Be   resposible for what you do or for what you have done. Don’t try to escape by putting the blame on others. Ultimately it’s your future at stake.

              3. Arrange your priorities according to importance and urgency. Once arranged do not get distracted.

              4.Your suitable study time may not be same as others. Morning is usually best because nothing that can disturb your mind has gone into your head. It’s clean, rather empty!

              5. Be helpful to others, like teaching your friends. Knowledge is wealth but imparting does not reduce it, like money. This may give you better solutions to your problems. It will help you discover whether you understood the subject the way it should actually be understood.

                   6. Put yourself in teacher’s shoes and analyze your answers, you will perform better in classes and exams.   You must learn to accept your mistakes and then correct them. Because you stand to gain if you correct your answers before you pass up your answer papers.
          7. Like atheletes you have to better yourself.

               8.A student’s learning stages
25% from teachers
25% through intelligence
25% through discussions with classmates
25% with problem solving experience, that is time.

Roots of Education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet                

Learn through others stay young!        
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Monday, January 2, 2012

10. New methods of questioning

  கொடுக்கக் கொடுக்கக் குறையாத செல்வம் கல்வி ஒன்றே
        Knowledge is wealth. But imparting  does not reduce it

At present the number of hours spent in the science practical classes is just sufficent for the student to discover the basic principles of science. The school teachers do not have enough time to go further than teaching the basic principles.

Recent science examinations have undergone various changes. “Give an account of ..,” “Describe briefly..,” “compare and contrast..,” Have you ever seeen them in recent science examinations? The questions deal more in solving a particular problem or situation. The student needs to practise them; train his mind to understand and criticize them. The theory found in books teaches him very little. The aplications are numerous. As such and being young, waiting to face new experiences in life, the student would require an EXPERIENCED teacher to train him on how to solve those problems.

The student may be getting 60% in his school examinations, probably due to his ability to read the teacher’s mind or probably because he goes through a few past years examinations questions. But in 10th , 12th, IIT examinations he will be facing an unknown examiner and therefore he has to be prepared for it.

            Just tackling numerous difficult MATHEMATICAL problems alone does not make a real teacher. The teacher’s distinctions cannot be the student’s. The teacher’s role is to enable the student to overcome a similar problem on his own. When a problem is tackled on the board the student understands it. But, does it make the student capable enough to tackle the next one on his own?

As stated above anyone could solve those problems, but WHO would make the student solve it on his own?

            Distance, time and fees are secondary compared with the future 75% of  the life of the student being detemined at this stage! However if the school teacher is sincere and capable of all these, why then should the student look fo another teacher. I swear that I have never taken paid tuition for those who studied under me in school.

         Roots of Education are Bitter but the Fruit is sweet                                                                           
                     Learn through others stay young!         
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