Sunday, December 25, 2011

9. Half-cooked and ready for public exams II !

     9.   Half-cooked and ready for public exams II !

      Schools which are supposed to have produced good results (projected through sponsored advertisements and club propaganda) did not produce students who went to IIT or MMC.  Therefore their methods are not proven methods. Many parents know this. But for fear of being branded as ‘behind timers’ they keep on sending their children to those schools.  

      I feel that the teachers in school should care for the students, their mind setup and the results.

      Misbehavior of students – Parents responsibility to correct it

      Studies - the teacher is responsible. Counseling individual students on methods of studies,(like when and where to sudy, how to improve memory power, thyanam etc) according to individual abilities  is the teachers responsibility. Advice on marking scheme and model answers for tests given by teachers might improve results.

        A great teacher inspires
      A good teacher teaches
      An average teacher explains
      And a poor teacher complains.

Learn through others stay young!

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