Thursday, December 16, 2010

3. Winning or Finishing

3.  Winning or Finishing

Winning the race and finishing the race are two different things. To win you have to finish within a certain time. You also have to have pacemakers. Pacemakers are available when you get into group tuition classes!

Suppose 40 questions are to be done in sixty minutes, each question shall be done in 1.5 minutes. But this is not a general rule. Because, if you are asked, ‘What is the unit of electric current?’, to mark that the answer is Ampere, it should take about 10 seconds only. This time would be used for solving a mathematical problem which may take about 2 mins. An analytical or an application question may also take some time. Thus the time lost in answering difficult questions is made up in time gained in answering simple basic factual questions. Therefore if the questions are of right mixture then the average time of 1.5 mins for each question is o.k. At one time check if you have finished 10 questions in 15 mins. Questions are of basic simple facts 30% (no government wants its citizens to fail, for they may become social problems later!), applications 30%, problems 30% and higher abilities 10%.

When you buy a book…
1. Look for the best well known experienced authors/publishers
2. Year of Publication
3. Number of editions so far
4. Number of reprints
5. Read the preface and contents and check if it fits your requirements.
6. Look for as much flow charts and diagrams as possible, memory retention will be
    better with visuals than words
7. Answers for questions given should be at the end of the book, not below the questions.

Learn through others stay young!

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