Tuesday, December 28, 2010

4. For the prosperous life of your children I.

4. For the prosperous life of your children I.

Dear Parents

1. Try to solve family problems and quarrels between your children in a peaceful way. Do not show that you are tensed up.

2. When visitors come to your house during examination time, do not talk aloud with them for you may distract your child.

3. Do not take the children out of station. May contract cold, cough etc.

4. Due to stress on studying or about studying, they may lose their energy. Keep good amount of fresh fruit juices at home.

5 Keep (OTC) over the counter medicines for headache, cold fever, wounds ready at home.

6. If they make a mistake, correct them in a softer way.

7. Keep studying area clean. Do not dump your things there.

8. Pay whatever dues to be paid in schools and other places your children use in advance to prevent them from being tensed up.

9. You can help them to wake up in the morning (peacefully, happily!) and give them tea or coffee or other drinks to rejuvenate them.

10 Arrange for tuitions if they cannot comprehend certain subjects.


Learn through others experience.......you stay young!

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