Sunday, March 27, 2011

6 Write Exams Without Fear I.

6 Write Exams Without Fear I.

1. You should have underlined or highlighted only the important words, so that you could revise within a short time, the day before the exam. Find out the important point in every paragraph. Good writers will have only one point elaborated in a paragraph.

2. Do not read until you enter the exam hall. The most recent read part will remain in the forebrain and block the earlier ones. This will take some time to settle down. Remember, to win time is important.

3. Focus your mind only on the exam. Do not let your mind lin ger on other trivials.

4. Do not start answering immediately. Read the questions at least twice before answering. Look for the trapping words and one important key word in every question. Start by answering  a question for which you know the answer fully.

5. Answer difficult questions later. If you take some time to think in order answer, leave it for the time being. Do not go deep into it first. This will keep on lingering in your subconscious mind and disturb the rest of the paper. You can see this in MCQ (multiple choice questions). When you answer a question wrongly, at least two of the following questions will also be wrong.

6. Divide your time according to marks. eg. 100 marks=2.5 hrs means, for every mark you should spend 1.5 mins. Of course some very basic question will take less time and some calculataions will take more time.

7. Do not discuss about what you have done in  the exam after writing it. This will disturb the next one.

8. Do not use red ink for underlining. Most examiners use it.

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