Saturday, May 21, 2011

7. Write Exams Without Fear II.

7.  Write Exams Without Fear II.

 9. Try not to use rubber eraser. It gives an ugly look on the paper as it smudges it. Most important, you’re wasting time. Just cancel with a single line and carry on.

10. Diagrams should be of at least 3” (7.5cm) in diameter, so that you do not escape the details!

11. Label the parts in a diagram  in capital letters.

12. Do not write irrelevant matter. This will irritate the examiner to your disadvantage.

13. Do not spend time trying to recollect the remaining answer, when you are attempting an essay type question. Instead answer a new question. You may come back later to finish it. The first few  marks are easier to obtain than the last few marks!

14. Keep the last ten minutes for reading through the first few pages. When you started the exam there would have been so many things in your mind. Such as, whether you can finish the paper, enough time or not etc. Adrenalin would have done some work! Blood flow would have been different. Now that you have settled, if you read the first answer, you yourself will discover your mistakes. For, if the examiner discvers, you lose your marks!

15. Last but not least! Take a few deep breaths slowly, every time you face a problem. This relaxes your nerves.

Learn through others stay young!

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